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Homemade Health

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Over 415 Remarkable Recipes with the Magical Power to Heal!

Welcome home to foods so comforting, so delicious, and so easy-to-make, you won't believe they can also help heal your biggest health problems!

Food and nutrition experts have proven, without a doubt, that you can heal yourself with the foods you love! That's right! As you'll soon see, you can. . .
Imagine dishes so delicious, flavors so fantastic, and aromas so amazing that you can't believe they're also good for your health! But wait. The good news gets even better! These mouthwatering “meals that heal” are simply SPECTACULAR! And you won't believe how quick, easy, and affordable it is to create these delectable dishes—some in 10 minutes or less. So, enjoy the closeness, comfort, and good health that homemade meals provide—without spending lots of time, money, or effort. It's all possible because of these yummy, new, one-of-a-kind meals that are tantalizing and taste-temptin'—yet, oh-so-good for you! Hardcover, 496 pages, ©2003.  

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150 BEST All-Time Home Remedies
Uncommon Cures With Common Products

Tired of the endless hours at the doctor's office, cash-draining trips to the pharmacist, and the nauseating side effects of mysterious medications? This Special Report is loaded with the best old-fashioned remedies, for:

  • Dry skin—Vegetable oil is the secret.
  • Earaches—This old-time onion poultice will flush away infection.
  • Arthritis—Keep aches and pains away with this special bay leaf oil.
  • Ulcers—Pineapple and blueberry juice are the Ultimate Ulcer Relief!
  • Backaches—Revitalize your sore back with a sweetly scented bath.
These are just a few of the amazing healers that'll keep you fit as a fiddle, and in the pink of good health!

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Celebrating 51 years as
America's Master Gardener®
Celebrating 51 years as America's Master Gardener
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