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Bug Off!

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 2,193  Super Secrets, Strategies, and Solutions for Battling, Busting, and Blasting Garden Thugs Out of Your Yard!

No matter what's bugging your yard—from ants to mice or mosquitoes to yellow jackets—you, too, can have a picture perfect backyard with no bugs, no critters, and NO PROBLEMS! Bug Off's got the ammunition you need to win the war against 101 of the most vilified bugs and thugs in gardendom. I've put together hundreds of all-new remedies and recipes that'll have America's Least Wanted bad boys waving the white flag in a hurry, such as:

  • Got moles? My do-it-yourself coffee can traps guarantee complete control. 
  • Stop slimy slugs with a little alcohol, ammonia, and salt.
  • The best protection against ticks? Mentholated rub!
  • Smell the bacon, and protect trees and shrubs from rascally rabbits.  
  • Scare the daylights out of aphids with foil.

And that's not all! You'll also discover surprising solutions to some of the biggest pest problems in the dozens of Ask Jerry, Grandma Knew Best, Thug Buster tonics, and much, much more. The tips, tricks, and tonics in this neat new book will give you a gorgeous, critter-free yard and garden the fast, fun, and easy Jerry Baker way! Hardcover, 384 pages, ©2004.

Plus, a FREE Gift!
Bird Gardening Secrets

Birds are among the best allies you've got in the Battle of the Bugs. In this exclusive special report, you'll discover how to attract them like a magnet with tips like…

  • Don't drop big bucks on a birdbath! Use an old dish, saucer, or pan instead. 
  • The perfect feeder filler? Grab an old watering can.
  • Got nesting material? You do if there's yarn, dryer lint, or pet hair in your trash.
  • The top 5 vines for a beautiful, backyard bird bonanza.
special offer—Once you've got the book, you're gonna' need hose-end sprayers to apply all of the terrific tonics. To save 10% on this book and an exclusive Jerry Baker Hose-End Sprayer Set, click here.

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Celebrating 51 years as
America's Master Gardener®
Celebrating 51 years as America's Master Gardener
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