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Archived Articles

Bugs & Slugs

Pest-Free Roses
Pest Patrol
An Ounce of Prevention Is...
Slug Stoppers

Lawn Care

Crack Down on Crabgrass
Look Out for Drought!
Spring Lawn Care
Wipe Out Dastardly Dandelions

Critter Control

Clobber Them Critters
Bad News Birds
Critter Control
The Usual Suspects

Changing Seasons

Spring Into Action
Summer Checklist
Fall/Winter Wrap-up

Fabulous Flowers

Awesome Annuals
Perennials—Super Summer Standouts
Revive Your Roses With Onions
Wonderful Wildflowers


Homegrown Houseplants
Help Your Houseplants
Indoor Bloomer Basics
Ship-Shape Container Tips

Trees & Shrubs

Super Shrubs
What's Buggin' Your Fruit Trees?
Ten Ways to Keep Trees Healthy
Restore the Roar to Sagging Shrubs


A Weed-Free Garden
Happy Harvestin'
Mouthwaterin' Munchies
Tomato Tips & Tricks

Extra Stuff

All Season Tonics
Another Can of Worms
Compost Tips & Tricks!
Natural Disasters
Hose-End Sprayer Q&A

Celebrating 51 years as
America's Master Gardener®
Celebrating 51 years as America's Master Gardener
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