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Grandma Putt's Vinegar and 101 Problem Solvers

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2,500 Super Solutions for Your Home, Health, and Garden

Cure a migraine with cayenne pepper? Save hundreds of $$$ on a/c bills with aluminum foil? Stop carpal tunnel syndrome with a pair of old socks? ABSOLUTELY! My Grandma Putt's problem-solving abilities were legendary; why, she could fix just about anything from a leaky faucet to a throbbing headache to bug-infested tomato plants! And I've packed thousands of her super-smart secrets into this great new book.

You'll find simple solutions to produce better results than high-priced chemical cleaners, fancy cosmetics, and costly cures that pack your supermarket's shelves. You'll discover how to:

And much, much more! No matter where you need help—from cleaning your home and improving your health to energizing your cooking, entertaining the kids, and even creating a gorgeous yard and garden—this book's got you covered. So get ready to become a local legend—your own neighborhood's practical problem solver—with a little help from my Grandma Putt's tips, tricks, and tonics! Hardcover, 384 pages, ©2006.

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Don’t You Dare Throw it Out!

Are you up to your ears in junk? Well, hang on to your hats, folks, because here's 301 ways to reuse all those dust collectors. Get ready for some handy hints and terrific tips that'll give your trash a whole new lease on life including:

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Celebrating 51 years as
America's Master Gardener®
Celebrating 51 years as America's Master Gardener
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