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It Pays to be Cheap!

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1,973 of the Niftiest, Swiftiest, and Thriftiest Secrets on Earth
for Spendin’ Less and Savin’ More!

Now you can make yourself at least $3,795 richer—each and every year—while livin’ like you’ve always wanted to! Just try the amazing secrets for spendin’ less and savin’ more that I’ve crammed into my latest and greatest book. As my Grandma Putt used to say, “A buck saved is a buck earned,” and by using these terrific tips, you’ll soon be rolling in the dough. In It Pays to be Cheap! you’ll find ways to save:

On BIG Stuff:
On MEDIUM Stuff: And even on the SMALL Stuff: And what’s more, you can do all this while living like a KING! Never have more priceless, dollar savin’, dollar stretchin’ secrets been shoehorned into one giant book. Secrets like:
You’ll even learn about the world’s greatest giveaways: free tickets, food, clothes—even vacations—and more! So, if you’d like a lot of extra green in your pocket (and who wouldn’t?), this book is just what you’re looking for. Live rich, and spend smart…the fast, fun, and easy Jerry Baker way. Hardcover, 384 pages, ©2002.

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Fabulous Freebies!

165 Fast, Fun & FREE Offers to
Make You Healthier, Wealthier & Wiser

It’s amazing the kind of great stuff you can get for absolutely zip, nada, nothing. And, in this Booklet, you’ll discover over 100 extra freebies—stuff I just couldn’t fit in It Pays to Be Cheap!

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Celebrating 51 years as
America's Master Gardener®
Celebrating 51 years as America's Master Gardener
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