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Free 21-Day Preview—Supermarket Super Gardens book
Free Gift #1—Supermarket Super Gadgets Booklet
Free Gift #2—A 20 Gallon Fertilizer Sprayer
Free Shipping & Processing

Here's your last chance to take advantage of a special recession busting offer—get a Free Look, 2 Free Gifts, and Free Shipping & Processing on one of our best-selling books!

So don’t spend your hard-earned money on fancy (and expensive) gardening treatments. Everything you need to solve your toughest lawn and garden problems is in your local grocery store.

From battling bugs with alcohol to soothing a sunburn with yogurt, you’ll discover hundreds of great garden remedies that are sitting on your supermarket’s shelves.

This all-new book is packed with plenty of problem-solving magic including:

* Grow the greenest grass in town...with corn syrup!
* Got 98-lb. weakling soil? Give it a shot of vodka.
* Say "Sayonara" to Japanese beetles with grape juice.
* Put the safest, yet most effective weed-killer on earth—cabbage leaves—to work!

And much, much more! Best of all, you can try out all the amazing secrets in this book FREE for a full 21 days. Plus, you get FREE Shipping & Processing, to boot!

And that's not all—get 2 FREE Gifts!
Supermarket Super Gardens
Unleash the powerful problem-solving magic of 70 supermarket products, including:
Baking soda
Cayenne pepper
Grocery bags
Paper towels
Petroleum jelly
Vegetable oil
And more!
Your 2 Free Gifts!

Free Gift #1: Save big bucks by turning ho-hum household helpers into hard-working garden heroes. In this Booklet, you’ll learn amazing ways to use barbeque forks, colanders, flour sifters, pots and pans, and much more!

Free Gift #2: Clean-up and green-up your garden the fast, fun, and easy Jerry Baker way with this indestructible 20 Gallon Fertilizer Sprayer. It's perfect for applying all of my tonics and most liquid lawn and garden treatments. Easy-to-use instructions are printed on the sprayer jar.


With this book and a few common supermarket products, you'll be growin' the garden of your dreams in no time at all. But hurry, because this is your LAST CHANCE to get a FREE Look, 2 FREE Gifts, and FREE Shipping & Processing on this book. So don't delay—order now!

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Offer expires 5/22/10.
Jerry Baker's Supermarket Super Gardens, Hardcover (C) 2008. 384 pages.
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Celebrating 51 years as
America's Master Gardener®
Celebrating 51 years as America's Master Gardener
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