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Critter Control: Cats

Either you love 'em or you don't. If you love 'em, skip this section. If you don't, read on.


Cats are very territorial, and as a result, they spend a great deal of time either marking their territory or fighting over it. They are also very good at catching prey.

Good Points

The love, affection, companionship, and amusement they provide. Also, in the garden, they are your best friend, controlling rabbits, mice, chipmunks and the like.

Bad Points

While they're in there, they use your garden as a bathroom, howl and screech until all hours of the night, give a free ride to all of the fleas and ticks in the neighborhood, and use your young trees as a scratching post. And did I mention that they positively love to dig into your house plants?

Favorite Foods

Fish, milk, canned or bagged cat food, and small animals.



Any one of the commercial dog and cat repellents that are available are effective, in the short term. Overspray the area first with a mixture of ¼ cup of Shampoo and ¼ cup of Lysol© disinfectant in two gallons of warm water.


There are a whole host of things you can try, depending upon the nature and severity of the cat problem. This list is by no means exhaustive; you may have to try one or more to be effective. Sprinkle any one of the following mixtures in and around the area to be protected: To prevent cats from using your beds or garden as a toilet...
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Celebrating 51 years as
America's Master Gardener®
Celebrating 51 years as America's Master Gardener
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