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Amazing Tips, Tricks, and Tonics for a Beautiful,
Bloomin' Garden All Year Long
Do your flowers fade? Are your wisterias wimpy? Do your daylilies droop? If so, then you need a dose of Flower Power! In this book, America's Master Gardener® tells you everything you need to know about raising and caring for just about anything that blooms.

Plus, Jerry shares his secrets on soil preparation, selection, fertilizing, pruning, composting, and weed and pest control. In addition, you get his list of favorite tried-and-true plants—those that'll give you the "biggest bang for your buck!" You'll also learn about your favorite plants' soil, sun, and watering needs, along with height, blossom color, and flowering time, all of which will make your garden planning a snap.

As always, Jerry provides his own down-home garden tips, tricks, and tonics for combating a wide variety of pests and diseases that'll save you a bundle of money. A reference for all seasons, Flower Power! is the complete floral guide that'll make you the gardening envy of your neighborhood. Hardcover 384 pages, ©1998.

Plus, a FREE Gift!
240 Handy Household Hints

In this special report,
Jerry Baker reveals how to...
  • Blot up messy dog stains on your carpet with club soda.
  • Shine your windows with a tonic made of ammonia, vinegar and cornstarch.
  • Keep drawer knobs snug and tight by coating the screw with fingernail polish.
  • Plus, over 200 other money-saving, time-saving tips, tricks and tonics for your home!
check Once you've got the book, you're gonna' need hose-end sprayers to apply all of the terrific tonics. To save 10% on this book and an exclusive Jerry Baker Hose-End Sprayer Set, click here.

Celebrating 51 years as
America's Master Gardener®
Celebrating 51 years as America's Master Gardener
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