These exclusive sprayers are specially designed so that you can apply all of my tonics (as well as almost any type of liquid lawn and garden treatment) with no muss, no fuss, and no worry.  Made of high-impact, unbreakable plastic, they feature a free-spinning sprayer head that connects easily to a hose, and a multi-position control knob with on/off and "water only" settings.  Plus, they automatically mix tonics with the proper amount of water!  Easy-to-use instructions are printed on each sprayer jar.

PLEASE NOTE: The sprayers with the black tips shown in our how-to videos (below) are no longer available. As a result, after shooting the videos, we upgraded our sprayers to make them even faster and easier to use. Generally, the information in these videos still applies to our new sprayers. The sprayer photos on our product page shows you exactly what our new sprayers look like, and the videos below shows you generally how to use them. Check ’em out!

Learn how to use Jerry's Hose-End Sprayers.

Learn how to troubleshoot Jerry's Hose-End Sprayers.