94 DIY Workshop Wonders


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No matter how big or small your workshop is, you can't get anything done if you have to search high and low every time you need a certain wrench or a specific size of screw. Even worse, the right tool for the job at hand might have gotten lost in the shuffle, and you don't even know it!

In this jam-packed booklet, you'll find tons of clutter-clearing tips, trash-to-treasure tricks, and ship-shape shortcuts that'll have you checking things off your honey-do list faster than you can say "Bob Vila"!

  • Whip your shop into shape with neat-as-a-pin pegboard.
  • Put walls to work with solutions that suit your space.
  • Steal office supplies to make your projects easy as pie.
  • Solve tough tasks by unleashing your inner MacGyver.
  • Hire a handyman to get the biggest bang for your buck.

And much, much more! So if you're tired of tripping over clutter on the way to your workbench, ready to start stocking a new toolbox, or simply looking for a better way to stash your stuff, your workshop woes will soon be over. With the hardware hacks and nitty-gritty gizmos inside, every household chore will be easier on you--and your wallet!