Backyard Birdscaping Bonanza

1,046 Quick-and-Easy Ways to Make Your Yard and Garden Absolutely Irresistible to Birds

Beautiful Baltimore orioles. Vibrant scarlet tanagers. Cheerful black-capped chickadees. Elegant cedar waxwings. Want to attract a bevy of these beauties—and scores more—to your backyard? Then all you need is a little of Jerry Baker's birdscaping grow-how, and tons of fine-feathered friends will soon be callin' your backyard home, sweet home.

Birdscaping is Jerry's fast, fun, and easy way of growing the plants birds love, the foods they crave, and the shelter they need. And in this book, you'll discover his simple secrets to boosting your garden's bird appealability, while turning it into a lively bird sanctuary. You'll have finches, bluebirds, jays, cardinals, thrashers, and more flocking to your yard in droves once you use these frugal ways to attract 'em:

• Berry Good News• Untangling Vines
• Flaunt Your Fruits• Branch Out With Trees
• Focus on Flowers• Birdseed Gardens

And much, much more! There's also plenty of "Grandma Putt's Time-Tested Tips," Jerry's own "Elementary, My Dear" answers to your toughest birdscaping questions, "Perfect Planting" garden designs, and "Quick 'n' Easy Projects." You'll even get "The Inside Scoop" on your favorite birds, plus over 250 exquisite full-color photographs of the best bird-attracting plants, and the birds that love them most. So if you're ready to turn your plain outdoor spaces into bird-pleasing places, dig into this treasure-trove of bird-smart garden tips for the bird-bustlin'est backyard in town!

Plus, a FREE Gift!

Butterfly Magic

In this all-new Booklet, you'll learn how to cast a magic spell over your backyard to attract butterflies in droves with tips on how to:

  • Prepare a rotten fruit feast
  • Create the best puddling place
  • Plant eye-catching, nectar-rich flowers
  • Be the "hostest with the mostest" plants

Plus, there's my all-time best butterfly garden designs, butterfly fun facts, life cycle tidbits, and much more!

Here's what our customers have to say:

"I planted more flowers that attract birds. I planted zinnias and I like watching the goldfinches fly out of the plants whenever I walk by. My daycare children enjoyed making the seederific feeder on page 278 in your birdscaping book."
By Denise B. | MD
"We liked everything about your birdscaping book! We had more broods raised this year because of all your ideas and tips we put to use. Your quick quips are full of neat info - bird stuff we never knew! Our skies were abuzz with hummingbirds like never before, and boy, did we have butterflies galore this year! We also left our "spent" blooms intact, per your suggestion, and watched the birds enjoy them. Thanks again, Jerry--great book!"
By Julie and Greg D. | OH
"I added more birdbath areas and more bird attracting plants, which brought more finches to my yard. Reading your birdscaping book really got me motivated to make the changes I had put off earlier."
By Susan P. | VA