Baking Soda The Quick-Fix Queen


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Quick! Name a household product that's so versatile it can be used to remove stains from clothing, treat cold sores, keep cut flowers fresh, and banish breakouts. Give up? It's none other than baking soda--the ordinary kitchen ingredient with extraordinary powers to soothe, smooth, shine, simplify, and more!

Inside this Special Report, you'll find barrels full of soda solutions and secrets to help fix, ease, and eliminate hundreds of annoying everyday problems. Like these favorites of mine, for instance:

  • A cup of "baking soda joe" cleans a cruddy coffeemaker.
  • Scummy bathroom tiles will sparkle--without any toxins!
  • Unclog a slow moving drain with a hairy detangling solution.
  • Deodorize a room with a fresh dose of anti-pet perfume.
  • Brighten up dingy shoes with a super sneaker spiffer-upper.
  • Grow sweeter tomatoes with an out-of-the-box sprinkle!

Plus a whole lot more! All you need to do is unleash the mighty power of the little orange box and mix it with a bit of good old-fashioned common sense. Before you know it, you'll wonder what baking soda can't do!