Bird Gardening Secrets


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Look out folks--you're about to enter a whole new world of gardening--on the cheap! The know-how you need to grow yourself a backyard haven that's just bustling with birds is at your fingertips. And best of all, you don't have to spend big bucks on fancy-schmancy seeds, expensive feeders, or elaborate birdhouses. I'll reveal dozens of my money-saving tips, like:

  • Feeder Facts
  • Main Meals
  • Home, Tweet Home
  • Perfect Plantings
  • Critter Control

And much, much more! You'll learn surefire secrets to attract hordes of hummingbirds, make a few cheap-n-easy water sources, and mix low-cost, bird-safe bug busters that'll keep your yard growin' great! Plus, you'll be whippin' up bird banquets with common kitchen ingredients like the Galloping Gourmet. So stash your cash and grab your binoculars, 'cause with this book, you'll be the busiest, yet most budget-conscious birder on the block--or my name isn't Jerry Baker!