Critter Control & Pest Prevention

2,193 Super Secrets, Strategies, and Solutions for Battling, Busting, and Blasting Garden Thugs Out of Your Yard!

Are moles messin’ with your lawn? Beetles brunching on your bee balm? Caterpillars clobberin’ your cabbages? Do your neighbors’ pets think your yard is their own personal privy? And how about the delightful deer? Well, now you can send all those and other pesky pests packin’, pronto. No matter which crafty critters are creatin’ chaos in your kingdom, Jerry Baker has a terrific tonic or super solution that’ll say “Bug Off—NOW!”

For half a century, Jerry’s been solving yard and garden problems using good old-fashioned grow-how and common household products. Now he’s gathered more than 2,190 new solutions that are guaranteed to put bad bugs, four-legged fiends, and any other garden thugs in their place. This book is jam-packed with tons of timely tips that help you get rid of:


Plus, you’ll find fantastic features like Ask Jerry, Grandma Knew Best, and a whole host of Thug Buster tonics, too. From armyworms and bark beetles to white grubs and yellow jackets—this book’s full of quick-n-easy remedies that’ll blast 101 different pests to bits. As you’ll soon see, life in the green lane doesn’t get much faster, easier—or more fun—than that!

Previously published as "Jerry Baker's Bug Off" ©2004.

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Bird Gardening Secrets

Birds are among the best allies you've got in the Battle of the Bugs. In this exclusive Booklet, you'll discover how to attract them like a magnet with tips like…

  • Don't drop big bucks on a birdbath! Use an old dish, saucer, or pan instead
  • The perfect feeder filler? Grab an old watering can.
  • Got nesting material? You do if there's yarn, dryer lint, or pet hair in your trash.
  • The top 5 vines for a beautiful, backyard bird bonanza.