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You probably don’t want to hear this, but you may be killing yourself! It’s true—most Americans who kick the bucket before their time are not killed by freak accidents, natural disasters, or out-of-control epidemics. Instead, they fall victim to illnesses or mishaps that could have been prevented.

That’s what Cure Your Lethal Lifestyle! is all about. Inside, you’ll find more than 2,100 terrific tips, tricks, and cutting-edge breakthroughs to help you live the long, happy, and healthy life that you deserve!

You’ll discover fantastic features like Yikes!, with amazing knock-your-socks-off statistics that are guaranteed to jolt you into cleaning up your act. Then the Jaw-Dropping Discoveries from world-renowned medical researchers reveal how to secrets for treatments of high blood pressure, weight loss, skin cancer, and more. We’ve also included loads of Remarkable Remedies that can cure just about anything that ails you! Plus, the fabulous Fix-It-Fast Formulas make it easier than ever to conquer everything from a nasty smoking habit to debilitating flu viruses to an invasion of disease-spreading cockroaches.

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Just look at what’s putting you on the fast track to an early grave:

• Your Deadly Daily Routine
• Malevolent Matters of Mind
• Dietary Dangers
• The Fatal Fat Factor
• Diabolical Diseases
• Crippling Chronic Pain
• Menacing Maladies
• Housekeeping Horrors
• Insidious Invaders
• Outdoor Pitfalls

Cure ‘em all and so much more!

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Live to Be 100…and Love Every Minute of It!

More and more people around the world are living long enough to celebrate a full century of life. What’s their secret? While genetics obviously has something to do with it, your lifestyle plays a much bigger role. You’ll discover the keys to longevity, including:

  • Healthy diet—don’t eat till you’re stuffed!
  • Good sleep habits—booze won’t help you snooze!
  • Regular exercise—daily activity is what really counts
  • Social connections—centenarians’ best-kept secret
  • Positive attitude—stress less and laugh more!