Cut Your Health Care Bills in Half

1,339 Terrific Tips & Surefire Strategies to Save You Thousands of Dollars

High blood pressure pills—$74.59. Incontinence prescription—$102.59. Migraine medicine—$152.99. Tired of spending your heard-earned dollars on unnecessary doctor’s visits, prescription drugs, and hospital stays that can put you in the poorhouse? Then unlock the secrets of affordable health care with the remarkable remedies in Cut Your Health Care Bills in Half! Chop your medical costs down to size with 1,339 quick tips and proven solutions for more than 105 common health complaints. Here’s what we mean:

Arthritis—$129 for pills to ease your aching joints? Rebuild them with a scientifically-proven shellfish extract instead.

Back pain—Beat it with bromelain, and avoid a $30 prescription in the process.

Nasal congestion—Breathe easy with a vinegar-pepper cocktail—for under a buck!

High blood pressure—Dial it down with passionflower tea, and save more than $74 at the drugstore!

High cholesterol—Go nuts, and cut $90 off your monthly pharmacy bill!

Insomnia—Reach for a little valerian instead of forking over $78 for a bottle of sleep aids.

Migraines—$153 for pain medication? Forget it—stop the throbbing with our ginger alternative.

And there’s much, much more! Special features like The $2 Deal and The 25¢ Solution give you terrific treatments for pocket change, while out Tea Time tips sip away fatigue, menstrual pain, osteoporosis, and other health problems. If it’s speed you need, our Fast Fix strategies offer real relief—pronto. Our Food Pharmacy features offer the best remedies—found right in your kitchen! And, if you’re worried that your condition is serious, Holler for Help hints point you in the right direction. So the next time the medical-pharmaceutical complex tries to put its hand in your pocket, reach for the fast, fun, and easy solutions inside. With the money you’ll save, you’ll be a whole lot healthier and wealthier—and maybe even a little wiser, too!

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