Flower Garden Problem Solver

786 Fast Fixes for your Favorite Flowers

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Shady scenes that sparkle? Flowers that bloom in snow? Plants that laugh at dry soil? No matter what the challenge, Jerry Baker, America’s Master Gardener®, has the grow-how to manage all of your flower gardening trials and tribulations.

In this book, you’ll discover loads of problem-solving tips, tricks, and tonics including:

  • Flower Fix-Its
  • Great Garden Design 101
  • Solutions for Slopes
  • Secrets for Fabulous Flowers
  • And much, much more!

In Favorite Flowers—A to Z, Jerry reveals the tricks to growing azaleas, clematis, hydrangeas, and more of your favorites, plus other amazing beauties that’ll look spectacular in your yard. In addition, there’s a fantastic Flower Power Tonics summary that will help you grow a show-stopping parade of flowering beauties from spring to frost.

From planning and planting to growing and protecting—it’s all right here! With a pinch of Jerry’s practical experience, a dash of his hard-won wisdom, and a sprinkle of tender loving care, you’ll be well on your way to the gorgeous, flower-filled garden of your dreams.

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Birds & Bees & Butterflies…Oh, My!

The Fast, Fun, and Easy Way to
Create an Inviting Backyard Habitat

In this Booklet, you’ll learn how to build a bird and butterfly-filled paradise, right in your own backyard with tips like:

  • A “kool” treat that’ll attract the most beautiful butterflies in town.
  • Discover how to invite Mother Nature’s hardest working pollinators to your yard.
  • Whip up a batch of my famous cornbread, and a bevy of birds will come a–callin’!

Plus dozens more—great tips for the biggest bird, bee, and butterfly bonanza in town!