Grandma Putt's Healing Recipes


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Get out your chef's hat because Grandma Putt is in the kitchen! And believe you me--there's more to her Savory Beef Stew, Spinach-Tortelloni Soup, and Peach Pie Smoothie than just great taste. My Grandma knew that the secrets to good health are locked in ordinary, everyday foods. And she also knew how to unlock that magic to help you beat high blood pressure, vision loss, cancer, colds, high cholesterol, and more with delicious recipes like:

  • Cozy Comfort Chicken Soup
  • Great Harvest Pumpkin Pie
  • Aunt Dorothy's Mushroom-Barley Soup
  • Grandma's Famous Fried Chicken
  • Aunt Emma's Beans 'n' Greens 'n' Pasta Salad
  • Plus much, much more

Best of all, each one is tasty and oh-so-good for you, too!