Green Grass Magic

Grow The Greenest, Thickest, Toe-Ticklinest Turf In Town With My Terrific Tips, Tricks & Tonics!

The “magic” to growing gorgeous, green grass is all a matter of knowing what to do and when to do it, along with using a little common sense and a few terrific tonics. Which is where Jerry Baker, America’s foremost authority on lawn care, comes in.

For over half a century, Jerry’s been cleaning and greening up the most luxurious lawns in America using common household products like beer, dish soap, and ammonia. During that time, he’s developed a simple, safe, and effective program that is guaranteed to turn any old Dogpatch into the finest village green. And best of all, it’s fast, fun, and easy, too!

In this book, you’ll discover tons of timely tips, tricks, and tonics on:

  • Feeding, weeding, and seeding
  • Mowing magic and shower power
  • Bug, slug, and thug removal
  • Starting a new lawn from scratch
  • Teaching an old lawn new tricks

Whether you’re new to the green scene or a seasoned sod-master from way back when, there’s something for everyone. And with Jerry’s help and a little grow-how, you, too, will end up with the toe-ticklinest turf in town!

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