Grow Younger Smoothies, Shakes, and Swirls!


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Want to lose weight and feel younger than you have in years? Enjoy beautiful, ageless skin and increased energy, stamina, and vitality? Then get ready to sip, slurp, and swirl your way to a trimmer, slimmer, happier, and healthier you! This booklet is filled to the gills with delicious age-busting recipes and delightful secrets to help you:

  • Burn off the brain fog with a Memory Boostin' Blend
  • Power up with a Perfect Protein Shake, then power down with a delightful Post-Workout Super Smoothie
  • Erase lines and crow's feet with a Superstar Skin Smoother
  • Get an instant pick-me-up with a fruity No-Fatigue Freeze

And much, much more! You'll get "The Scoop" on health-boosting ingredients, sneaky subs to tantalize your taste buds "With a Twist," and tons of "Super Shortcuts" that'll make your smoothies, shakes, and swirls easier, tastier, and healthier than you ever thought possible. With these brilliant blender beverages as a regular part of your diet, you can't help but grow younger at any age!