Healing Remedies Hiding In Your Kitchen

1,784 Cupboard Cures, Pantry Perks, Fridge Fixers, and Spice Rack Remedies for a Healthier, Prettier You!

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have a whole room that’s filled to the rafters with everything you need to feel healthy and beautiful, inside and out? Surprise—you do! It’s called your kitchen, and it’s loaded with ordinary ingredients that can improve your good looks and well-being.

For instance, did you know that a few strawberries can fight a fever; burnt toast can whiten your smile; honey can shrink your waistline; and apples can boot bad cholesterol? And don’t forget: Chocolate is loaded with antioxidants, so it’s the key ingredient in an age-defying facial that’s good enough to eat!

You’ll also find plenty of Healthy Hints and fantastic features including Kitchen Counter Cures, Back in the Day, Beauty Bonuses, and How’s That? These quick, quirky, and surefire solutions will help you maintain and enhance your health and beauty. Are you ready to topple toothache pain with garlic, whip windburn with peaches, and defeat dandruff with horseradish? Then let’s dig in!

How many of these healing remedies are hiding in your kitchen?


  • Sniff away pounds with a banana
  • Send pain packin’ with avocado leaves
  • Fix frazzled nerves with a carrot cocktail
  • Quell a cold with a slice of raw onion
  • Dodge diabetes with cinnamon
  • Banish high blood pressure with brandy
  • Calm cancer concerns with green tea


  • Deflate your puffy face with a blueberry blend
  • Dust away dandruff with aspirin tablets
  • Zap painful zits with Zinfandel
  • Erase dark spots with buttermilk
  • Refresh your skin with an egg-white facelift
  • Make nail polish linger longer with garlic

And so much more!

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