Herbal Pharmacy

1,347 Super Secrets For Growing and Using Herbal Remedies

If plants are like people, then herbs are the doctors of the plant world—fixing up whatever ails you, your home, and your garden! And after more than half a century of working hard in the yard, there’s no one better to introduce you to these terrific, talented plants than America’s Master Gardener.

In this book, you’ll discover:

  • The secrets for growing happy, healthy herbs indoors and out
  • How to make herbal remedies that’ll ease whatever ails you
  • Just when and how to harvest your herbal bounty for prime potency
  • How to store your herbal treasures for year 'round use
  • Tips on buying herbs that heal

And so much more!

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Healing Remedies from the Kitchen

  • Slash your risk of heart disease by one third with this delicious fish.
  • Foods that may actually cause arthritis! How many are you eating?
  • Who says chocolate's bad for you? This treat may actually lower cholesterol.
  • 58 well-known anti-cancer chemicals found in these fruits? You bet your sweet bippy!
  • And many more healing remedies found right in your fridge or pantry

Here's what our customers have to say:

"Jerry Baker's books are always concise, practical, and never leave room for guesswork. In this book, he has helped preserve a dying art and preserved information for generations to come. I have several large herbal reference books, but none give specific amounts to take of an herb, which left me guessing. He gives specific details and also tells you in the margins counterindications if the herb might not be appropriate to take. For people who take their herbs seriously, they will not find a better guide."
By A. Reagan | GA