Hose-End Sprayer Set


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Hold on to your hat! We just seriously upgraded our exclusive hose-end sprayers. These all new and improved models make mixing and applying my tonics fast, fun, and oh-so-easy to do. And they're perfect for just about any liquid lawn and garden treatment, so you can get the job done right, the first time!

Check out these key features:

  • Made of high-impact, unbreakable plastic for a lifetime of reliable service.
  • Easy to use instructions are printed on each sprayer jar.
  • The free-spinning sprayer head connects easily to any hose so there's no twisting and turning hose hassles.
  • The tonic or treatment is automatically mixed with the proper amount of water for no muss, no fuss application.
  • A new and improved spray pattern allows for greater spraying distance and more even application for better results.
  • The multi-position control knob has "on," "off," and "water" only settings, which make for quick and easy cleanup.

Not only are these new sprayers faster and easier to use, but they'll also help you produce toe ticklin' turf and a more beautiful (and bountiful) garden in no time at all. The secret? The technology innovations in the sprayer heads, which provide for a gentler, even, and more complete application of garden tonics. Better application=better results, which is a win-win for both you and your yard!

The set of three includes:

  • 6-Gallon Insecticide Sprayer (Blue Top)
  • 20-Gallon Weed/Herbicide Sprayer (Red Top)
  • 20-Gallon Fertilizer Sprayer (Green Top)

Plus, get a FREE GIFT!

I'm so sure these sprayers will make your lawn and garden the envy of the neighborhood that I'm going to send you a FREE GIFT as our way of saying "thanks" for trying out the sprayers.

Tips, Tricks, and Frequently Asked Questions

PLEASE NOTE: The sprayers with the black tips shown in our how-to videos (below) are no longer available. As a result, after shooting the videos, we upgraded our sprayers to make them even faster and easier to use. Generally, the information in these videos still applies to our new sprayers. The sprayer photos on our product page shows you exactly what our new sprayers look like, and the videos below shows you generally how to use them. Check ‘em out!

Learn how to use Jerry's Hose-End Sprayers.

Learn how to troubleshoot Jerry's Hose-End Sprayers.

Here's what our customers have to say:

"I received my hose-end sprayers and they are worth every penny! I've used others, but was always disappointed. Each time I spray with my Jerry Baker hose-end sprayers, it's much easier, and I'm doing a better job!"
By Ron R. | CA