Insider Secrets

They Don't Want You to Know!

Jerry’s back with a passel of practical problem solvers for your money matters, getting (and staying) healthy, and helping your garden grow like gangbusters. Whether you’re buying (or selling) an automobile, trying to quit smoking, or dealing with an invasion of bark beetles, you’ll know exactly what to do and how to do it. And with these quick-and-easy explanations, you’ll laugh while you learn and love every minute of it!

In this book, you’ll discover thousands of Jerry’s world-famous tips, tricks, and tonics that’ll open up a whole new world of do-it-yourself know- and grow-how. From saving big bucks at the gas station and cutting debt down to size, to dropping unwanted pounds and even keeping the neighborhood cats out of your flower beds—you’ll find a fast, fun, and easy solution that’ll save you tons of time and energy, to boot! You’ll also learn how to solve just about any problem that crops up around your home, with your health, or in your garden with tips on:

Cutting Energy Bills
Dealing with Debt
Dressing for Less
Getting Fit Fast
Stopping the Sniffles
Soothing Your Skin
Planting for Perfection
Revitalizing Tired Turf
Foiling Flower Felons

And much, much more! It doesn’t matter if you’re a seasoned expert or a Mr. Fix-It wannabe—there’s something for everyone. And with these problem-solving secrets, you’ll spend less, feel better, and have a happier, healthier home in the process!

Plus, a FREE Gift!

Jewels in the Attic, Gold in the Garage

Inside you'll discover 301 amazing secrets that'll save you hundreds of dollars:

  • Turn dryer lint into a handy dandy gift! Instead of trashing it, create decorative fire starters for just pennies.
  • Milk Carton Magic! Discover cleaver ways to feed birds, keep your next bottle of wine chilled, and paint anything easier.
  • Feeling crafty! Easy ways to use fabric scraps to make a rug, decorate a bulletin board, or spruce up your spare pillows.