Kitchen Magic


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Get ready to save time, money, and effort with a little "Kitchen Magic!" We've dug deep into our archives to bring you a smorgasbord of ingenious ingredient uses, fab food feats, slick storage strategies, and clever cleaning ideas--which will make your culinary activities a snap.

You'll find wild, wacky, and wonderful ways to get the most out of your food prep and preservation efforts, as well as cook¬ing and cleanup chores. The 150+ tips, tricks, and tonics inside are guaranteed to keep you and your kitchen in tip-top shape! You'll discover how to:

  • Prolong pickle power to make dynamite dips and dressings
  • Keep baked goods fresh with an airtight container "roommate"
  • Enjoy the juiciest chicken that begins in the Garden of Eden
  • Put out hot pepper "fires" by using a white vinegar secret
  • Perfectly organize jumbled up utensil drawers with elastic
  • Join the Fluffier Food Club with this super soda solution
  • Get your dishwasher squeaky clean with "The Real Thing"
And much, much more! So if you're looking to unclutter your pantry, leverage your leftovers, cook better in the slow lane, or speed up your food-prep chores, we've got you covered. With this nifty know-how and these time-tested tips, you'll soon be cookin' up a storm--the fast, fun, and easy Jerry Baker way!