Lawn & Garden Problem Solver

1,596 Tips, Tricks, and Tonics to Grow the Greenest Grass, Most Fabulous Flowers, and Tastiest Veggies in Town!

Got moles making a mess of your lawn? Four-legged felons feasting on your flowers? Wicked weeds running rampant in your vegetable garden? Whether you’re caring for acres of turf, a little flower bed, or a single tomato plant, this book is your guide to solving lawn dilemmas and garden-variety vexations of all shapes and sizes.

Inside, you’ll discover 1,596 dynamic DIY tactics to transform your yard into a blooming showplace. Each page is jam-packed with terrific tips, tricks, and tonics that make it fast, fun, and easy to tackle trouble head on and come out on top!

But that’s not all—in every chapter, you’ll find fabulous features, including plenty of Practical Problem Solvers, which offer savvy solutions for lawn and garden troubles of all kinds. Neighborly Know-How shares advice from seasoned gardeners who do it best, and Jerry’s Q & A clears up common yard issues from coast to coast. My favorite Top 10 Problem-Solving Plants provides the winners that every gardens needs, while What Would Grandma Putt Do? clues you in on her time-tested secrets and classic strategies. Last but not least, my Fantastic Formulas deliver all-natural mixes to conquer yard-clobbering conundrums, from voracious varmints to dastardly diseases.

My Lawn & Garden Problem Solver is guaranteed to become your one-stop shop for great green-thumb solutions. Best of all, you can turn any ho-hum yard into your own personal paradise—faster, with less effort and more fun, than you ever dreamed possible. So what are you waiting for? Grab your gardening gear, and let’s get growing!

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Weather-Wise Gardening Solutions

In this power-packed Special Report, you’ll discover how to stay one step ahead of all sorts of wild and wooly weather, including:

  • When It Rains
  • Beat the Heat
  • Fighting Frost
  • The Deep Freeze

And much, much more! Your gardens will sail on through storms, droughts, and even snow with a little help from America’s Master Gardener!