Oddball Cures

Over 350 Homemade Formulas for Arthritis, Back Pain, Diabetes, Migraines, High Blood Pressure and Almost Anything Else that Ails Ya!

Oddball cures, powerful potions, and fabulous folk remedies. All made from ingredients found in your kitchen, medicine cabinet, spice rack, and garden. Don’t believe it? In this book, you’ll find 1,253 of the most effective ways to prevent, heal, and even cure over 125 ailments and illnesses with items you probably already have around your house.

You’ll discover:

  • 27 ways to…freshen breath, blast burnout, decrease the risk of heart disease, fight colds, relieve excess gas, clobber calluses, send sinusitis packing, calm nausea, stimulate hair growth, and more with olive oil, garlic, onion, and cayenne pepper.
  • 15 ways to…use chamomile to treat everything from stress and anxiety to back pain and macular degeneration—plus how to tell which chamomile works the best.
  • 9 ways to…soothe sore throats, zap insomnia, decrease dandruff, and even ease menstrual conditions with sage.

Plus, much, much more, including over a dozen Native American remedies and hundreds of other easy-to-make, easy-to-use tonics, salves, and remedies.

You’ll find:

  • Recipes for over 100 time-tested tonics—developed by a naturopathic physician—to help relieve asthma, lower cholesterol, fight depression, slash your risk of stroke, and kick your health into high gear.
  • Amazing cures on every page—an herbal tea to zap bronchitis, a 29-cent age spot remover, a berry good blood pressure-reducer, a blister-busting foot soak, drug-free pain relief, a kitchen counter itch-stopper, and the homemade hot pepper cure for arthritis.
  • More than 1,000 terrific tips—saving you time, money, and the hassle of running to the drug store or doctor every time you feel a little under the weather.

You’re about to enter a whole new world of natural healing. For a lifetime of good health, the oddball cures, powerful potions, and fabulous folk remedies in this book are just what the doctor ordered!

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