Old-Time Gardening Wisdom

Over 1,000 Of Grandma Putt's Long-Lost Garden Secrets And Down Home Remedies

Many, many years ago, Jerry went to live with his Grandma Putt, who had an amazing amount of knowledge and folklore about old-time, natural gardening. Although he resisted at first, Jerry was soon drawn into her magical world, where plants were treated like people…with kindness, courtesy, and respect. They, in turn, provided her with beauty, bounty, and an abundance of natural remedies. Grandma Putt shared her knowledge with everyone, and soon, Jerry was on his way toward a lifelong career in the care and feeding of what Grandma Putt called “plant people.”

In this book, Jerry shares the gardening secrets and old-time wisdom he first learned from his Grandma Putt. In addition, he’s included hundreds of tips, tricks, and tonics that he’s picked up along the way, including chapters on:

  • Victorious Vegetable Gardening
  • The All-American Lawn
  • Eating...Weeds?
  • The Spice of Life—Herbs
  • Puttin’ By and Storin’ Away

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You'll find over one hundred of my world-famous tips, tricks, and tonics using common household products that'll get you growing in no time at all.

  • All that glitters! Keep mice, rabbits and other gnawers off your trees with foil.
  • Big watering blunder can "smother" your lawn. Here's my special warning.
  • Got stubborn weeds? This "salt" tonic will knock 'em dead, permanently!