Old-Time Vinegar Secrets


Got a ring around your collar? Stained carpeting? Need whiter whites and brighter brights? You'll find out how to deal with these and hundreds of other household problems in Grandma Putt's Old-Time Vinegar Secrets including:

  • Cooking Hints
  • Kitchen Cleaner-Uppers
  • Health & Beauty Treatments
  • Cleaning Tips
  • Laundry Room Refreshers
  • Garage & Workroom Helpers
  • Outdoor Aids

Vinegar can be used to remove coffee stains from clothing, to treat sinus infections and chest colds - even to polish the chrome on your car! In this special report, Jerry Baker shares hundreds of his Grandma Putt's vinegar secrets which will help fix, ease, and even eliminate many of your annoying everyday household problems.

Customer Comment
"Sadly, I was able to use an "Old-Time Vinegar Secrets" book formula last night... I'll spare you the details, but it entailed $2100.00 worth of new carpet, a chocolate Lab, a steam cleaner, 2 gallons of water and 2 cups of vinegar mixed together. You can figure out the rest...thank God for Jerry Baker! That book saved me $2100.00, and the dog is lucky to live another day."
Chris V., Troy, MI