Perfect Perennials!

Hundreds of fantastic Flower Secrets for your garden

Psst! Want to know the secret to growing a fantastic flower garden that’ll turn your neighbors green with envy? It’s really no secret at all, thanks to Jerry Baker, America’s Master Gardener®.

For more than half a century, Jerry’s been using common sense and terrific tonics to grow the prettiest perennials possible. Now, he’s put his practical experience and hard-won wisdom together to help you grow the biggest, brightest, best-looking bloomers on the block!

Whether you’re starting from scratch or reviving an old, worn-out bed, everything you need is in this book. You’ll find hundreds of handy hints and marvelous mixers for:

  • Picking the perfect perennials
  • Planting a fabulous flower garden
  • Feedin’, weedin’, and waterin’—the right way
  • Growing a bounty of bulbs
  • Controlling bugs, slugs, and other thugs

Plus there’s much, much more! With this power-packed guide at your side, you’re guaranteed to have the most gorgeous perennials and beautiful bulbs you’ve ever seen!

Plus, a FREE Gift!

215 Terrific Tips to Pick, Pot, and Pamper 'Em!

In this Booklet, you'll discover how to grow a show-stoppin' annual garden with timely tips on perfect plans for perfect plants, savvy soil secrets, classics for cutting, and shady characters.

Plus, amazing uses for some of my favorite annual flowers—scented geraniums, cornflowers, morning glories, marigolds, and impatiens to brighten up your flowerbeds like magic!

Here's what our customers have to say:

"I just received Jerry's new book, Perfect Perennials! It's a must have!! I really like Chapter 19 with all the "fixers, mixers, and excellent elixirs". I have said it before, Jerry sure makes me raise my eyebrows!!! He is a real sweetheart!"
By Fran | ME