Pickle Juice, Pantyhose, & Milk Jugs

Thousands of Nifty New Ways to Keep Your Home, Health, and Garden in Tip-Top Shape!

Clean grungy pots and pans with rhubarb—cure a migraine with cayenne pepper—grow gorgeous gardenias with pickle juice—and that’s for starters! In this book, Jerry’s got you covered with super solutions like a sprinkle of salt, a splash of vinegar, and a heaping helping of good old-fashioned grow-how.

The twist, however, is that Jerry has gathered the best of the best practical problem solvers from neighbors (like you) all across America. You’ll discover their wild and wacky ways to turn common household products into hard-working household heroes like:

  • Flush out an awful earache with an onion. Doug Z., OR
  • Reach for a Coke® to clean a commode. Marie M., WA
  • Get 100% grass seed germination with a green screen. Eileen H., PA
  • A banana peel a day keeps aphids away. Wilma R., CO
  • Start spreadin’ the news to prevent musty suitcases. Pete D., NC

And much, much more! So go ahead, laugh while you learn how to make wood glue out of cottage cheese…clean dirty furniture with shaving cream…or grow terrific tomatoes in a stack of old tires.

With all the fantastic features you’ll find inside, your home will be spotless, your health will be hearty, and your yard is guaranteed to be lush and lovely!

You’ll be amazed at what you can do with:

Panty Hose
Milk Jugs
Banana Peels
Coffee Grounds
Pickle Juice
Baby Wipes
Plus Much More!

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Super Garlic to the Rescue!

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