Pinchin' Pennies & Savin' Bucks


This Booklet is yours FREE when you order the Terrific Tomatoes, Sensational Spuds, and Mouth-Watering Melons book.

Hate to throw things away? In this booklet, you'll learn all sorts of wonderful ways to use those everyday household items in your garden, including:

  • The old news about drying seed pods
  • Too many weeds? It's curtains for the invaders.
  • Hungry mice and rabbits? They'll be foiled by this.
  • Here's a bubbly secret to wrap your pots in.
  • Sock it to 'em! Critters will steer clear of your veggies with this.
  • These containers are eggs-actly what you need.
  • And hundreds more penny pinchers that'll save you big bucks