Solve It with Vinegar!

476 Fantastic Vinegar Formulas to Keep Your Whole House in Tip-Top Shape!

If you’re like most folks, you want your home to look its very best. That means keeping rooms sparkling clean, making sure furnishings are up to snuff, and preventing household pests from crossing the doorstep. But how on earth can you get it all done?

For my money, nothing beats good old-fashioned vinegar and a few other hardworking superstars like baking soda, lemons, and salt. Inside, you’ll find 476 formulas to keep your house humming a happy tune, while saving you big bucks. You’ll get a heaping helping of handy how-tos, family-friendly fixes, and terrific time savers like:

  • Scrub-a-dub a scummy disposal with vinegar
  • Make bathtub filth vanish with baking soda
  • Conquer denture pain with a salt solution
  • Sack sweat stains with lemon juice and ol’ Sol
  • Keep curious kitties away with a cayenne kicker

And so much more! Plus, there are loads of fantastic features including Super Shortcuts, FAQs, and Grandma’s Old-Time Tips to keep your whole house in great shape—without busting your budget. So grab some vinegar, and get ready to make your Home Sweet Home rise, shine, and be rarin’ to glow!

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Here's what our customers have to say:

"As I was closing my new copy of Solve It with Vinegar, something at the bottom caught my eye. How to remove a scratch from a mirror. My bathroom mirror had a 5-inch scratch caused by a paint bucket two years ago. The mirror is a big one, and there's no way could I replace it on my income. I decided to try your toothpaste fix. I was shocked when the scratch disappeared completely. I couldn't even feel where the scratch had been! Thank you!"
By Rosie E. | KY
"I am really impressed with Solve It with Vinegar. It is organized so well and has so many wonderful formulas for different problems. I especially like the Penny Pincher hints. This is by far my favorite's wonderful--thank you!"
By Diane R. | AL