Speed Cleaning Secrets

1,593 Better, Faster, Cheaper, and Smarter Ways to Clean Everything from A to Z

If you think housecleaning is a bore and a chore, then here’s Jerry Baker, America’s Do-It-Yourself Expert, to the rescue. This remarkable grimefighting guide is jam-packed  with smart tips, fast tricks, and DIY tonics. Best of all, your home will soon be smelling fresher, looking brighter, and feeling sparkling clean!

You’ll discover thousands of dirt-defying and dust-busting secrets for every room in your house and outdoor living areas, too. Plus, there’s tons of terrific treatments and squeaky-clean solutions that’ll make any mess—from greasy goop to set-in stains—disappear in a flash, including:

  • Flush a sluggish drain clean with denture cleaning tablets
  • Nostrovia! Vodka works wonders on stainless steel appliances
  • Stale bread and white rice...will make your coffee taste nice!
  • Coke® is the real thing when it comes to dingy toilet bowls
  • Buff up dull brass lamps with the S. Navy’s secret “Bug Juice”

And there’s much, much more! With the 1,593 terrific tips in this treasure trove of cleaning wisdom, you’ll be bustin’ a move while getting in the groove—the fun, fast, and easy Jerry Baker way!

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Tips & Tricks from the Clutter Buster Pros!

Discover tons of terrific tips from the pros who know how to ditch disorder and conquer clutter chaos—for good. You get hundreds of hints, tricks, and why-didn't-I-think-of-that ideas, like how to:

  • Slam-dunk the junk in your kitchen drawers
  • Purge the paper and clear clogged office files
  • Safely (and securely) store stuff in the basement
  • Give new life to old office supplies—in the workshop!
  • Double your linen closet storage space

Plus a whole lot more! With these professional clutter-busting secrets, you can whip your home into tip-top shape in no time at all.