Supermarket Super Products

2,568 Super Solutions, Terrific Tips & Remarkable Recipes for Great Health, a Happy Home, and a Beautiful Garden

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What's Jerry Baker doing in the supermarket? Exactly what he's been doing in the house and garden for close to 50 years now! He's helping folks solve their most perplexing problems, save mountains of money--or simple get more fun out of life--by putting common, household prodcuts to work in thousands of new and exciting ways.

In this book, Jerry lets you in on the secret lives and super powers of more than 200 powerful products, including:

  • Alcohol Avocados
  • Beer Buttermilk
  • Coffee Cornstarch
  • Cucumbers Hair spray
  • Honey Lemons
  • Mayonnaise Molasses
  • Oatmeal Tea

And, that's not all! Inside, you'll find terrific tips and remarkable recipes for everything from stain removers to sunburn soothers, dog treats to deck cleaners, and bubble bath to baby toys. And best of all, you can make them with ordinary items you buy at the supermarket every week...the fast, fun, and easy Jerry Baker way!

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