Supermarket Super Remedies

1,649 SHOPPING CART SOLUTIONS to Ease Everything from an Aching Back and Arthritic Knees to a Grumpy Gut, High Cholesterol & Much More!

Super remedies—in the supermarket? You bet!

In this new book, you’ll learn how to unlock the amazing healing powers of ordinary household products. Whether you have arthritis, heartburn, high blood pressure, or any of more than 370 other common complaints, the relief you need could be right around the corner. Beat a backache with beans, clobber high cholesterol with chocolate, halt hay fever with honey, fight fatigue with milk, stop a sore throat with sage, and much more! In Supermarket Super Remedies, you’ll discover how to ease just about anything that ails you with 161 common supermarket products, including:

• Almonds
• Baking soda
• Beer
• Cherries
• Fish
• Lemons
• Molasses
• Peanut butter
• Petroleum jelly
• Rosemary
• Shellfish
• Tomatoes
• Tea
• Vinegar
• Witch hazel
• Yogurt

And that’s not all! “Soothing Sips” tips offer teas and tonics to stave off strokes, defeat diarrhea, and boost your brainpower, and that’s just to get you going. If you’re looking for a quick-and-easy food remedy, check out the “Fabulous Food Fix” features. Need a soothing ointment or lotion? Try one of the “Magic Mixes.” And don’t forget about “Just What the Doctor Ordered”—doctor-recommended treatments for everything from heart disease and osteoporosis to gallstones and constipation.

So before you spend another cent at the doctor’s office or pharmacy, discover the magic of the plain-Jane, everyday items sitting on your local supermarket’s shelves. Use these simple products and this book to get back on the road to happy, healthy, trouble-free living—right where you ought to be!

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