Terrific Garden Tonics

345 Do-It-Yourself, Fix 'Em Formulas for Maintaining a Lush Lawn & Gorgeous Garden

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Want a gorgeous yard, but on a shoestring budget?

Then don't spend another dime on fancy fertilizers, toxic bug sprays, professional lawn services, or other expensive solutions. Simply grab a few common household items and this book. With a little grow-how, you can whip up everything you need to grow the lush lawn, beautiful blooms, and gorgeous garden of your dreams!

In this book, you'll discover all of Jerry's world famous potions and lotions for growing:

• Lovely Lawns• Terrific Trees and Shrubs
• Fabulous Flowers• Ravishing Roses
• A Bounty of Bulbs• Divine Vines & Groundcovers
• Incredible Edibles• Happy Houseplants

And so much more! Fantastic features including Ask Jerry, Grandma Putt's Pointers, and Great Ideas will keep your yard clean and green the fast, fun, and easy way. So the next time you've got a garden problem, don't reach for your wallet. No matter what's bugging you, the handy hints, timely tips, and super solutions you'll find inside will help you create a bit of magic in your own backyard.

Plus, a FREE Gift!

Garden Magic

This Booklet is the perfect companion to my Terrific Garden Tonics book, since it shows you amazing "magic tricks" that'll bamboozle bugs, clobber critters, and more to make your garden a smashing success, including...

  • The molasses miracle for ailing azaleas. Even revives shrubs that haven't bloomed for years!
  • The slick trick (it costs just pennies, too) that'll keep squirrels off your trees.
  • A hands-free watering system...grab a pipe and some rocks, and follow the easy directions.
  • Birds vandalizing your vegetable garden? Grab a garbage bag and tell 'em to buzz off!

Here's what our customers have to say:

"Congratulations on being America's Master Gardener for 40 years! I have almost all of your books, and my friends, family, and coworkers call me 'The Gardening Magician' because I help them out with their gardening problems. Thanks for sharing your knowledge all of these years."
By Dan K. | IL
"My flowers are glorious. Thanks Jerry!"
By Dorothy B. | NY
"With your tonics, our potted plants performed perfectly!"
By Evie E. | PA
"We had a great growing season using your tonics, and ended up with massive cantaloupes! The largest one weighed 24.5 pounds. No one could believe the size of these monsters--and did they ever taste good!"
By Fran P. | PA
"My garden has something blooming throughout the year. My lush lawn is the result of using Jerry's Wake-Up Tonic!"
By Jean M. | VA
"I've been called 'The Lawn Nut' for spraying beer on my grass. But I have the greenest grass in town, thanks to Jerry's tonics!"
By Norman O. | MA
"For 15 years, we've been the envy of our neighbors! We faithfully apply your formulas and tonics..."
By Bill & Carole S. | OR
"Without Jerry's tonics, my yard and flowers would not look like they do...That Jerry is a genius!"
By Shirley H. | CA
"My daylilies looked awful, but with Jerry's tonics, I got beautiful, long-blooming lilies!"
By Anne K. | WI