The New Healing Foods

1,404 Refrigerator Remedies, Countertop Cures, and Miracle Menus that Fight Everything from Arthritis, High Blood Pressure, and High Cholesterol to Diabetes, Heart Disease and a Cranky Gut!

Grab a fork, and dig in to slash sky-high cholesterol, beat befuddling memory loss, and ease debilitating diabetes—all while enjoying delicious meals. That’s right, there are amazing healing powers locked in your favorite foods—and they’re yours for the taking! When pricey prescriptions and terrifying treatments just aren’t cutting it, it’s time to unlock the natural healing powers that are hiding in your pantry.

In The New Healing Foods, you’ll learn how you can crunch, munch, and snack your way to better health with over 1,400 kitchen cupboard secrets that’ll save you time, money, and a lot of pain. Discover how to heal:

ARTHRITIS—Reach for a bowl of cherries to relieve the pain.
HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE—Send your pressure plummeting—with a glass of milk!
IRRITABLE BOWEL SYNDROME—A juicy pear will calm tender tummy troubles.
MENSTRUAL PROBLEMS—Chow down on chicken to feel normal again.
UTIs—Blast the burning with a bright red berry!
VISION LOSS—Safeguard your sight by carving into the power of pumpkin.

And much, much more! You’ll also find features like “Good to Go” to prepare foods in a flash, “…Just the Facts” nutritional stats, and “Best if Used By” freshness standards. Plus, cut corners in the kitchen with “A Simple Solution,” know when to call for help with “911” alerts, and get the latest scoop on scientific breakthroughs with “Food News”. Why spend one more day suffering, when the relief for most common complaints is just a bite or two away? The tasty tidbits and marvelous morsels you’ll find in The New Healing Foods are just what the doctor ordered to make your misery history.

So here’s to your good health!

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150 Best All-Time Home Remedies

Ease earaches with onion, clobber corns with citrus, and sleep easy with tasty teas! You'll be amazed at the simple solutions and down-home remedies that are so easy—on you and your pocketbook! This Booklet is loaded with terrific tried-and-true treatments for curing yourself with:

  • Olive oil
  • Witch hazel
  • Petroleum jelly
  • Baking soda
  • Apple cider vinegar

And much, much more! You'll find a terrific treatment for just about every bothersome complaint—from headaches to backaches and tummy troubles to stuffy noses. With a little help from these amazing home remedies, you'll be in the pink of health in no time at all.