The Power of CBD


The Power of CBD: The Hype, the Hope, the Reality and More!

CBD products are everywhere these days, but do they work, and are they legal? This book separates fact from fiction with a science-based review of the CBD craze and its claimed benefits and detriments, so you can make the right decisions.

Whether you're seeking to relieve stress, sleep better, recover from aches and pains, or look your very best, there's a CBD product out there that'll tackle these issues (as we do inside) and do a whole lot more. But with little government regulation, you must be on your guard when researching CBD products, particularly when it comes to wild advertising claims.

This book reveals the truth behind CBD marketing, while guiding you through the legal ins and outs of CBD's availability and around the maze of products and hype surround them. You'll learn how to:

  • Decode product labels with a critical eye when shopping
  • Choose wisely between the different types of CBD oil
  • Start low and go slow with CBD for optimum results
  • Avoid dangerous drug interactions and unwanted side effects
  • Safely integrate CBD into a healthy diet/wellness lifestyle
There's also a special bonus section on the benefits of Hemp Seeds and Hemp Seed Oil. These "tiny grains of goodness" contain amazing compounds that aid digestion, provide perfect protein, slow down the aging process, and much, much more!