Weather-Wise Gardening Solutions


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Strafed by storms, stunned by sun, or chilled to kill--weather in the garden can really keep you hoppin'. But don't just shake your fist at the sky! Turn the tables on Mother Nature with a wealth of old-time tips, tricks, and weather wisdom. You'll find 'em all in this Special Report, including:

  • Instant frost protector! Just grab an old lampshade...
  • Riled by road salt? Give tender turf the edge with this block-and-tackle trick.
  • Drought-proof your lawn. Your grass will laugh at dry days when you know this overseeding secret.
  • Plants poop out in the heat? Delicate Doras stay perky when you shade 'em with nature's parasol.

And much, much more! So batten down the hatches and your gardens will sail on through storms, droughts, and even snow with a little help from America's Master Gardener!