Weather-Wise Gardening Solutions


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101 Terrific Tips to Grow Like a Pro Despite Wind, Rain, Drought, Storms, and Snow!.

Whether you're facing the dog days of summer, the frigid nights of winter, or the spring rainy season, Mother Nature can certainly throw a monkey wrench into your best-laid gardening plans. But in this power-packed Special Report, you'll discover how to stay one step ahead of all sorts of wild and wooly weather, including:

  • What to do when it rains
  • How to beat the heat
  • When to fight frost
  • The Deep Freeze
  • In the Moonlight
  • Bugs & Birds

And much more! Brush up on a little old-time Weather Lore and see if it doesn't make your weather eye sharper. Grandma Knows Best tips offer time-honored strategies for dealing with the worst weather around, and Nature's Notions show you quick-and-easy ways to use Mother Nature's own tools to ride out the worst stuff she can dish up! Why, there's even an easy-to-follow guide to gardening by the moon's phases. So batten down the hatches and your gardens will sail on through storms, droughts, and even snow with a little help from America's Master Gardener®!