Mouthwaterin' Munchies

To get the most out of your veggies, you need to properly water ’em. Check out these "wet" tips for your vegetable garden:

  • Here’s a great watering trick: Bury large coffee cans (with both ends removed) between your plants. Fill the cans with rocks, and water directly into the cans. The water will go right to the plants’ roots.
  • Beans need more water than most other vegetables. When they’re blossoming and growing fruit, they can use up to 1/2" of water a day.
  • To enhance the flavor of leafy and root vegetables, as well as veggies like broccoli, cabbage, and cauliflower, be sure to keep their water supply constant.
  • To get the hottest hot peppers in town, you need to flood them shortly before harvest time. This stresses the plants’ roots, which then send out a signal to "turn up the heat."
  • As I have said many times before, mulch, mulch, and mulch some more! It’ll help keep water from evaporating, so the moisture level in the soil stays constant.
  • Be sure to continue to water your garden, even when the cool weather arrives. Your plants'll still need plenty of moisture to keep on producin' fruits till the end of the season!
  • Veggies need to be watered consistently—the quantity and quality of your veggie harvest can be greatly affected by even a short lapse in watering.

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