Homespun Magic

1,479 Old-Time Secrets and New-Fangled Solutions!

No matter what the problem is—be it a broken down appliance, a stuffy nose, or a not-so-green thumb—Jerry Baker’s got a super solution. That’s right, folks—his terrific tips, tricks, and tonics don’t stop in the garden! No siree! Ever since he was knee high to a grasshopper, Jerry’s been gathering tons of fast, fun, and easy mixers and fixers to keep everything in tip-top shape.

In this book, you’ll discover over 1,000 of Jerry’s tips, tricks, and tonics to cure whatever ails your home, health, and garden. From handy household helpers to cleaning without toxic chemicals to using common products in wild and wonderful ways—it’s all great stuff and it’s all right here. You’ll learn how to solve life’s everyday problems the fast, fun, and easy Jerry Baker way with terrific tips on:

  • Fight joint pain with this pennies-a-day baking soda mix.
  • A/C pumping out balmy air? Fix it yourself with a screwdriver.
  • Don’t pamper your roses. A quick tea bag trick pumps ‘em up.
  • Get 100% juicier tomatoes with 50% less work with this red secret.
  • Forget expensive facelifts—this vitamin works just as well, and costs a lot less!

And much, much more! It doesn’t matter if you’re “all thumbs” or a Do-It-Yourselfer wannabe, this book is the perfect how-to helper. There’s a little bit of something for everyone, and a whole lot of fun for the entire family, too! Why, with Jerry’s help, you’ll save loads of time, money, and effort while turning your house and garden into a showplace you’ll be proud to call “Home, Sweet Home.”

Plus, a FREE Gift!

Lick 'Em with Lemons and Solve 'Em with Salt

Don't spend another penny on fancy (and expensive) products, when the little-known super powers of this dynamic duo can work wonders.

In Lick 'Em with Lemons, you'll discover how to disinfect microwaves, cure hic-hic-hiccups, soothe bee stings, prevent kidney stones, polish dingy fingernails, repel mosquitoes, and a whole lot more.

Then the party doesn't stop there. You get lots of super solutions to Solve 'Em with Salt, including removing wine stains, cleaning concrete floors, softening up rough feet, eliminating canker sores, and wiping out weeds, among other things.

It's a power-packed, one-two punch that can't be beat!