Terrific Tomatoes

1,274 Super Secrets for Growing Prize-Winning Vegetables

The “secret” to growing big, juicy, prizewinning vegetables is simply a matter of knowing what to do and when to do it, along with applying a few terrific tonics. And there’s no one better to show you how to do it than Jerry Baker, America’s Master Gardener.®

For over 40 years, Jerry’s been growing the tastiest vegetables on his side of the fence using common household products like beer, dish soap, and cola — along with the good old-fashioned grow-how he learned at Grandma Putt’s knee. Now, he’s combined the best of her downhome country wisdom with his own ingenious ideas to produce a great garden guide that’s guaranteed to turn any old chunk of turf into a Garden of Eden. And with no snakes, either!

In this book, Jerry shares all of his super secrets for growing spectacular vegetables. You’ll discover tons of timely tricks and tonics for:

  • A prize-winning strategy
  • Getting your plants off to a rip-roarin’ start
  • Feedin’, weedin’, and waterin’ properly
  • Bug, slug, and other thug control
  • Harvesting your bounty and storin’ it away

It doesn’t matter if you’re a garden greenhorn or a seasoned veteran, there are plenty of prize-winning tips for everyone. And with Jerry’s help, you, too, will end up with the tastiest tomatoes, most spectacular spuds, and mouth-wateringest melons in town!

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Pinchin' Pennies & Saving Bucks

Hate to throw things away? In this book, you’ll learn all sorts of wonderful ways to use those everyday household items in your garden, including:

  • The old news about drying seed pods.
  • Too many weeds? It’s curtains for the invaders.
  • Hungry mice and rabbits? They’ll be foiled by this.
  • Here’s a bubbly secret to wrap your pots in.
  • Sock it to ‘em! Critters will steer clear of your veggies with this.
  • These containers are eggs-actly what you need.
  • And hundreds more penny pinchers that’ll save you big bucks!