The Anti-Pain Plan

467 No-Nonsense Ways to Avoid Arthritis, Heal a Headache, Beat a Backache, Trounce Carpal Tunnel, Relieve Sore Joints, and MORE!

Has a bad back, stiff knee, queasy stomach, or aching head been keeping you from enjoying a healthy, active life? Well, not anymore! Stop your suffering with one of the 467 super solutions and remarkable remedies you’ll find in The Anti-Pain Plan. You’ll put an end to your all-too frequent aches and pains with quick tricks from more than 85 top doctors. With their expert help, you’ll learn how to beat:

Morning stiffness—Rub a little capsaicin cream into your joints, and you’ll be dancing the tango instead of singing the blues.

Back pain—Speed the healing by flushing injured tissues clean. All you need is the miracle molecule—water!

Angina—You can’t turn back the clock, but you can pile on garlic and onions for potent flavor, plummeting cholesterol, and blood clot prevention.

Shingles—Beat the blisters with nature’s best immune-boosting compounds.  You’ll find loads of them in fresh veggies.

Sinus headaches—Chow down on fish to load up on fatty acids, the arch enemies of these horrible headaches.

Tendinitis—Lean on the amazing tendon-taming powers of ginger for on-the-spot relief.

Flu—Stash some socks in the freezer and brew a cup of licorice root tea, and you’ve got the perfect combination for virus-blasting power.

Migraines—Treat your throbbing head with the three musketeers of migraine relief—coleus, feverfew, and ginkgo.

Hemorrhoids—Aloe’s not just for burns; it’s also a soothing solution that leaves hemorrhoid pain in the dust.

And there’s much, much more! Features such as “A Cup of Comfort,” “Soothing Salves,” and “Instant Ahhh...” offer other terrific treatments that will help keep you out of the doctor’s office and put you back into the swing of things. So the next time you feel a painful twinge, reach for the instant relief in The Anti-Pain Plan. No matter what it is that hurts, these 467 tried-and-true remedies will help you enjoy a healthy life that’s free of pain.

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Quick Fixes

199 Fast & Easy Ways to Cure Common Health Problems

Looking for a speedy solution for a minor health problem? In this Booklet, you'll discover all sorts of quick-n-easy ways to cure what ails you without having to spend big bucks at the doctor's office or pharmacy. You'll discover 199 of the best home remedies for ailments such as...

  • Asthma—A favorite southern food proven to clear constricted airways!
  • Flu—How do you spell relief? Try J-e-l-l-O®. Amazing!
  • Indigestion—It's easy to fix with this apple cider vinegar tonic.
  • High Blood Pressure—It's big trouble, but lime blossom tea safely lowers it in a flash.

Plus, 194 more secrets for speedy relief using items you've probably already got in your kitchen, medicine cabinet, or growing in your garden!