Year-Round Bloomers

Hundreds of Super Secrets for the Backyard Gardener

Cold weather color. Dog-day defeaters. Four-season flowers. Whether it’s summer’s heat or winter’s chill that bowls your beds over, it’s time to trade in your plain Jane plot for a magnificent, multi-season landscape. That’s right—if you thought fabulous four-season gardens were only for professionals, it’s time to change your tune with a little help from America’s Master Gardener®.

With Jerry Baker’s terrific combination of Mix-and-Fix tonics, old-fashioned grow-how, and ingenious ideas, you’ll get a leg up on Mother Nature and have a plan that’s perfectly pleasin’, season by season. You’ll soon discover the secrets to growing:

•  Trouble-Free Trees and Shrubs
•  Dependable Perennials
•  The Annual Parade
•  A Bounty of Bulbs
•  Divine Vines and Groundcovers
•  Glorious Container Gardens

And much, much more! For a knockout scene that can’t be beat, you’ll get Jerry’s “Best Bets” for tough sites, summer spectacles, awesome autumns, and even late shows. So don’t throw in the trowel, grab this book and get ready to grow a swingin’ spring, midsummer’s dream, flowering fall, and winter wonderland—all in your own backyard!

Plus, a FREE Gift!

185 Best All-Time Garden Secrets

In this Booklet, you'll find the best of the best of my favorite gardening secrets using common household items. Stuff like how to make varmints vamoose with this "hairy" trick, use leftover drywall to improve all types of garden beds, and kill dandelions with a potent vinegar cocktail.