Supermarket Super Gardens

An Aisle-by-Aisle Guide to Growing a Lush Lawn and Gorgeous Garden Using Baby Powder, Dental Floss, Milk, Panty Hose, and More!

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Grow greener grass with corn syrup—bigger blooms with fruit juice—sweeter tomatoes with baking soda—and that's just to get started! Jerry's back in the supermarket solving your toughest lawn and garden problems with a pinch of sugar, a splash of tea, and a heaping helping of his good old-fashioned grow-how. He's scoured the aisles for potent products, unlocking their super powers to make the most fantastic fertilizers, weed whackers, and critter controls you've ever seen!

From the dairy case to the first aid aisle and everywhere in between—it's all here—garden-growin' magic that's just waiting to be unleashed. In this all-new book, Jerry reveals the secrets that'll help you whip even the saddest yard into tip-top shape with:

Aluminum FoilFlourBeerSalt
EggshellsAspirinLaundry SoapBaby Oil

And much, much more! So go ahead and make a greenhouse out of plastic wrap...clean your driveway with cola...and bust bugs with hair spray. With a few of Jerry's tips, tricks, and terrific tonics, your flowers will be fabulous, your lawn lush and lovely, and your veggies positively mouth-watering—all thanks to these supermarket super products!

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Supermarket Super Gadgets

This amazing Booklet shows you how to turn ho-hum household helpers into hard-working gardening heroes. So before you spend another dime on plant stakes, hanging baskets, or watering cans, you'll discover amazing uses for:

Barbecue forks Knives
Colanders Pots and pans
Flour sifters Turkey basters
Ice chests And more!

Here's what our customers have to say:

"I have really enjoyed your book, Supermarket Super Gardens. This book is the most informative and helpful book that I have ever read. Thanks for writing it."
By Dave S. | AL
"I like the book because it shows how things we use every day can benefit a garden. I'm going to use the helpful hints when I plant my new garden next spring."
By Ann P. | OH
"This book covers every topic one must know. Now I can give advice to my married daughters when they have a gardening problem. Keep up the good books!"
By Joan S. | MT
"There are tons of suggestions for many different things. I bought this book as a Christmas gift for my husband. I'm sure he'll like it--we can't wait to try the suggestions on getting rid of moles!"
By Judy P. | MI
"The flea control ideas are very helpful--my family's two cats were overwhelmed by the beastly critters. When the book arrived, I had already been to the vet twice. The advice gave me, my cats, my house, and the rest of the family much comfort. Thank you!"
By L.H. | IL
"I'm looking forward to next spring. Your book will probably be dog-eared by then!"
By Jeanne M. | NC
"I don't know why I didn't already have this book! It has been a tremendous help."
By Crick W. | WA
"I love all of the tips. The book is fun to read and has easy-to-follow directions."
By D.T. | NC
"I'm so very glad that I purchased your book. It's the best $37.75 that I have ever spent!"
By Mary L. | CA
"I can use everyday products instead of scary chemicals to keep my landscape beautiful. This year's tomatoes were saved in the nick of time! Now I don't have to put off doing necessary things for my yard just because I'm afraid of the chemicals. Using and storing them caused me fears aplenty."
By Aeleysia O. | CA
"This book has everything--an amazing amount of information--and I like that most of the products used were non-toxic. Now I feel like I'm a better, more knowledgeable gardener, and I've shared a lot of really helpful bug solutions with my family and friends. I've seen several more books I'd love to have. Mr. Baker is underrated--he needs to get his name out there!"
By Debbie O. | OK